HEe sticks closer than a brother, His love is pure, He is kind and always available to lend a helping hand, He will never leave you not forsake you. He will provide you with all you need provided it won’t harm you. He will be your defense and shield and silence the mouth of accuser in the corridors of your life, He will lift you up and make you level up in areas where you fall short. A provider, sustainer and friend.

THE LOVER OF MY LIFE. I introduce to you THE GOD ALMIGHTY. I have tried Him and He has proven Himself on all counts, even when I don’t  keep my side of the bargain He is still there and forever forgiving. All you have to do is take a first step towards Him. Speak to Him the best way you can, it doesn’t have to be any special scripted words. Go to Him just as you are and He will recieve you and pour on you the love you have never experienced in your life.

Have a triumphant day.
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Since Afflictions are inevitable because they are part of life, our prayer from PODCAST with SHEILA to everyone is, may the Lord deliver us from all Afflictions as they come in Jesus Name.
Have a wonderful Wednesday.
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Whi said you will amount to nothing?…HELLO…👂🏽👂🏽👂🏽

When all odds are working against you to give up in life BUT you bounce back and take control of it and achieve exceptional goals.
Don’t let the words of people prevent you from being what you were created to be. Darren’s teachers thought he will amount to nothing but he proved them wrong.
This is a must listen. Very inspiring. Please don’t forget to share this video to support the positive movement AND ☝you can watch or listen to the full episode on our channels. Have a brilliant week.
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A bit of Darren Jacklin


Season 2 Episode 26

Host: Sheila Glavee
Guest: Darren Jacklin

PwS Quote: ” Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving” by Albert Einstein

Darren’s Quote: “Time will either promote you or expose you”

From growing up with learning disabilities, to barely passing public high school, to living on the streets and on welfare, to multiple suicide attempts – Darren Jacklin thought he was fated for failure. Throughout his upbringing, he was repeatedly told that his disabilities would forever keep him from amounting to anything. For years, he struggled under the weight of these labels, accepting this as his destiny, until the pivotal moment when someone believed in him. This gave him the power to believe in himself for the first time and completely reshape his life. Darren has since trained over one million people in forty-eight countries across four continents including one hundred fifty-seven Fortune 500 companies. As an Independent Board of Director with eXp World Holdings, INC. (Nasdaq: EXPI), he has rung the closing bell at Nasdaq twice. He also serves on other high-profile public and private Board of Directors. With his life partner and their family foundation, Leaders Yielding 2 New Knowledge (LY2NK), their mission is to expand global philanthropy. 

Darren shares his transformative experiences that have allowed him to find purpose as a successful corporate trainer, world-class speaker, and investor in both real estate and business. This insightful memoir takes you on a journey of successes and failures from the perspective of someone who knows what it’s like to give up on life, yet has still achieved immeasurable results.  Darren’s life has been transformed by embodying persistence and “Until I Become” is centered around this theme in hopes of inspiring you to do the same.

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